Due to increasing costs, my sauces are no longer included free-of-charge with dumpling orders. You can purchase my sauces here.

My Story

I'm a trained chemical engineer from Taiwan and it all began with experiments in making food for my friends to enjoy.  First it was nougat, then my skill and passion led me to focus on dumplings and other products.

The Accounts Department staff at the New Zealand Defence Force in my local city of Upper Hutt started making regular orders for dumplings.  They couldn't get enough!  Before long they encouraged me to open a shop to share my delicious dumplings with the region — so I did.

Good friends, Juliana and Peter, who rent a shop space in Upper Hutt, allowed me to use their space to sell my products.  Thus began my business; selling nougat, soaps, candles, and — of course — dumplings.  My business was then named Eden Natural Products. 

Recognising how popular my dumplings had become, in 2019 I stopped selling other products and renamed my business to Tina’s Dumplings to focus solely on making the best-tasting dumplings in Wellington.  I might be biased but my customers tell me I've succeeded.  You'll just have to taste for yourself!

My dumplings are made with all natural ingredients, without the use of preservatives, MSG, or artificial colours or flavours.  They are also free from nuts and dairy products.  And most of my wonderful flavours are available in a gluten-free option as well.